Grandma & Grandpa come into our office with their grandchild. Social Security will not give this child any of the fathers SS money due to the fact that the father is deceased. We contacted the Coroners office who had a sample of the deceased DNA it was sent to our lab. We then tested the child proving that the child was indeed the deceased offspring and now that child is getting the SS money of his dad.

A Woman called us and told us her mom just dropped a bomb on her and told her she had a sister, she was devastated and asked us to run a sibling test to see if this indeed was her sister we did and now there is a happy family

      Man comes into our office he has been paying child support (not court ordered) for 3 years on a child and he wants to be in this Child's life but the mom says no he has a DNA test run on this child and himself and he is NOT the father broke his heart but it was the truth

    Man comes into our office wants to bring his family in from Haiti but needs a DNA to prove that these are his children we take his sample here and send all necessary paperwork to the Embassy in Haiti. After a few weeks his results are in and he is re-united with his family the reason for the delay was the Embassy did the testing in the other country


Whosyourbabysdaddy.com is a provider of the DNA DIAGNOSTICS CENTER LABS the most accurate DNA relationship test available anywhere, administered with care and strict confidentiality. We are one of the first laboratories in the United States to receive accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for DNA parentage testing, and we are the first to guarantee the superb accuracy of our results to be greater than 99.999999%. We are staffed by highly trained M.D.'s and PhD's, scientists with Master's Degree in Molecular Biology and ASCP Certified Medical technologists with years of DNA Parentage Testing experience.

For years, Whosyourbabysdaddy.com has made sure that children know their right biological family members. Our standards for DNA Testing exceed the testing standards established by the United States Court System by over 1 million. We perform extensive testing in every case. We usually continue testing until more than 99.999999% of the population is shown not to match the genes of the tested child. Our tests are accepted in all courts throughout the country.

Whosyourbabysdaddy.com performs thousands of DNA Parentage Tests for clients in the United States and around the world. We conveniently serve you locally through our extensive network of established collection sites both Nationwide & Worldwide

Whosyourbabysdaddy.com is committed to providing you with individualized 24-hour professional service and all consultations are confidential. Our staff will answer your questions about DNA Testing and Identification of biological relatives, living or deceased, through our call center 1-561-313-0000. We provide outstanding service and are dedicated to the accuracy of your DNA testing results. As an Industry leader, we strongly support each individual's right to genetic privacy and strict confidentiality of genetic information.


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